40 years of experience,
makes a difference

With our 40 years of experience, we are proud of having brand image which is recognized in the diversified transport sector of all kinds of goods.

Service is our Priority

Service is the cornerstone of our company. Our goal is excellence. We meet the deadlines and we avoid problems. We are always at the right place, at the right time.

Continuous Improvement

We are continuously improving our processes both in terms of quality of our services and structure of our company.

Good Equipment is Key

Transbois has a foolproof fleet, efficient and at the cutting edge technology.

Energy Efficiency
is beneficial to everyone.

In full expansion and environmentally friendly, Transbois continuously keeps up with new trends and new challenges.

Since 2006, the speed limiter on our trucks is locked at 105 km/h and anit-idling at 5 min.

We monitor idling times on the black boxes by giving a rating based on thenumber of hours operated per week and the % of speeds between 95 km/h and 105 km/h operated per week.

In 2007, all our drivers followed aprogressive driving course with Acquis Route.

Recently we have tested a device used to control the speed while adapting to the truck Drivers are paid based on the PC Miller routing system.

In 2009, our drivers were able get their Recognition of Acquired Competencies through the CFTC and revise their knowledge on progressive driving, safety checks, and transport rules and regulations.

Each truck has a cabin heater to avoid increasing the idling time.

We make available winter plug-ins for our trucks.



Concerned about your environment